Using custom keyboards on your iPhone?

So with iOS8 Apple introduce custom keyboards!  I don't know of many people that use them, probably because they are used to not doing so, but there are some great keyboards out there!  I have been mucking around recently with some and though I would share the ones I have enjoyed!



If you are looking for just a bit of fun then check out Pop Keyboard..  

It is simple a keyboard full of GIF's! You can search popular and trending gifs from within the keyboard   If you really like it then you can now also install this on your desktop! 



Ok one that I use a lot, mainly because I like the flow feature in Swift Key, makes typing one handed a doddle! The app also learns words you type regularly and will suggest closer matches when typing!  Another great feature is the ability to customise the keyboard.


Finally, a couple of apps that both cost, currently £0.79, but worth it if you are an Instagram user (who isn't these days?) then seriously check out Tags Dock, a nice clean design, that lets you quickly and easily add tags to your pictures.

Another for a little bit of fun, is Scribble Board, why type messages when you can draw them, I am a rubbish drawer but now the little geek has a phone I though this one might be a fun and different way to send each other messages! Not used this with her yet but will no doubt be great fun! 

Are you using any custom keyboards?  I would love to hear about what you are using and how you find them!