This geek is in a quandary...

Why oh why oh why does there have to be so much nice tech out at the moment?

Being a gadget geek I am always looking out at new (and sometimes a little older) gadgets, but for some reason at the moment my wish list seems to be growing out of control!

To give you an idea of what I am going through, these are the gadgets at the top of my wish list! 


I want to start adding more video and photographs into the blog and think I will be able to capture some great content with a GoPro, but what to get?  The Session or just the Hero 4?

Apple Watch - 

This is something I have wanted since launch! I have a pebble and the strap recently broke, and I come to realise after not wearing it for a week how much I miss notifications on my wrist and how useful it is, the Apple Watch will take it that one step further! 

New 4K TV (ours is getting old now!)

Credit: Panasonic

Credit: Panasonic

The thought that needs to go into this is a whole post in itself but alas a major one on my list but one that would need serious investment (see how I look at these things)

Vlogging camera (not decided on which one)

I guess if I get a GoPro I could use that but I really want to start vlogging more, and although GoPro's are amazing they are not the best vlogging cameras, mainly due to battery life, but again this will bring a different dimension to the blog and people interact with video more (apparently).

There are a number of cameras I have been looking at, from the excellent Sony RX100 IV, or the Canon G7X who though have heard of shutter issues, and Panasonic look to have launch a great 4K camera, the Lumix GX8.

Shutter time release for the DSLR

I love both the Nikon's we have, but one down side is the models I have are unable to record timeless with out the addition of a shutter time release, making it easy to record beautiful time lapses or capture long expose shocks with out nudging the camera! This is the simple alternative to that and one that should enable me to record the time lapses




A Microphone

(there is a reason for this that I can't go into yet, and no I am not entering X Factor)

As mentioned above I really can't mention why I want this but its for a side project I am thinking about starting on!  Having looked into this somewhat already the Rode microphones certainly seem to be of good quality! 

I can't afford to get all of them, but I am sure I can tick one off the list especially with my birthday month approaching! There is however loads of other tech that I want but I don't want this to be a long old list, because believe me I could write chapter and verse on what I want!! ha ha

Are you after any new tech if so what?? Just incase I am forgetting something! 

I will point out that this is not a paid or sponsored post....