Lost your blogging mojo?

If you have seen the title of this blog post then thought it might be one of those inspirational post to get you back on track, I am afraid this isn't one of those posts!

We had a week away in Spain at the beginning of August and it was very much welcomed break, time for us all to relax and get away for a while with some fantastic weather!  

Since then though I have lacked inspiration for posts (apart from 1) and the will to write! 

I haven't been feeling great, more tired than usual (that is being sorted now hopefully) and to be honest can't even face the thought of planning and writing a post!  Probably not going to do myself any favours with any PR types that have stumbled across my blog (Sorry about that!).

I am now having a bit of a break, not a long one just time to stop, gather my thoughts and then think about what I want to write about and where the blog is going!  Unlike a lot of parent bloggers my kids are older, Ash isn't even a kid anymore and Katy (Little Geek) is ..... well .... busy being a kid!  I guess I have reached a point where they are not as interested in being involved as much!  Katy is still interested in anything Netflix, TV or film related but that is about it..... oh an camping! 

I have a couple of reviews to do, one that relates very well to the need for a refresh, and the other I need to look into as I don't think I have had a response from the PR person (not a surprise to a lot of you).

I would be interested to know what those of you that regularly visit would like to see?

Is this the equivalent of writers block? do all blogger go through this at one stage or another!  Once I have gathered my thoughts, made a plan I will be back shouting about my little blog that I do love so much! 

Any way as always thanks for stopping by and for all of you that continue to read and share my posts thank you!! 

Tweet you all soon!