Adding your ICE details to your iPhone

Tonight we were catching up on some programs on our Sky Planner, and I got to choose (for a change!).... for me it was a chance to catch up on Traffic Cops, a programme I love!  Unfortunately for a guy on this he crashed his car and sadly passed away.

During the search of the vehicle the police found his phone, and luckily it was unlocked, but what if it wasn't? 

This lead to a conversation between the wife, little geek and myself!  As it turns out I was the only one that had added emergency contact details saved on my phone, that can be accessed regardless as to whether it is locked or not! 

The wife didn't realise you could do this and looking at a post she put on Facebook a lot of her friends have added ICE into contacts which is no good if your phone is locked.  So here is a quick step by step on how to set this up! 

It is within the Medical ID that was added within iOS8 Health App, you need to setup your Medcial  ID and complete details.

  • Click on Health
  • Click the Medical ID at the bottom Right of the screen
  • Create Medical ID if not created before
  • Ensure Show when Locked is switched on!
  • Add details you wish, including any medical details
  • Scroll down and add emergency contacts, I have added Mel and my Dad.
  • I have also selected organ donor as this is something I would be happy to include!
  • Once complete lock your phone and then on the unlock screen you will see the Emergency button in the bottom left.
  • click on this and it will show who your emergency contacts are.

It seems like such a simple thing but I imagine a number of people have still not yet completed these details, and one that could be very helpful to emergency services should they need it! 

Please share with friends and family as you never know when it might be required!