Instagram: Just dropped a major update!

Ok last night Instagram dropped an update to its app, a simple little update that now means you can share landscape and portrait photos!

To be able to do this you need to update your app!   I like the fact they have done this, will save so much time getting the picture squared etc and will show more certainly for landscape shots! 

Instagram pulled together a nice little blog post explaining their reasoning as well as adding this cool little video! 

So go ahead guys and enjoy this update!! 

Update:  There is more!

So whilst using Instagram since the update I have noticed another sneaky update has been added, a tiny little arrow has been added under ever photo next to the heart and comments icons, this enables you to then forward that message as a direct (private) message to another user.

I have also started really liking the location search functions as you are able to find some great users near you and making the network that little bit more social!