Facebook is going to charge a fee..... No it isn't!

I don't know how many times in the past few years this rumour has spread across social media, but this most recent one is a hoax! I have see so many of my Facebook friends post this status update:

So lets just make this clear...

  • Facebook is not going to charge you a fee to keep your profile private
  • Your posts will not suddenly become public

So please please please stop copying and pasting this post!  It is a hoax, and not a new one!  A similar hoax done the rounds earlier this year, and in 2014!   If you do not believe me have a quick look at this official Facebook help page:

Will Facebook ever charge for service? 

Facebook do charge for some service, but this is games, apps or adverts! But they do not charge for users to have a profile.... this is their base model, you are their audience and the reason they are able to charge people to advertise on the site! 

Hopefully we can now move on with posting our regular mundane updates!