Danger Mouse is back!

So picture this, I am going through my many emails before heading off for holiday and an email pops up asking if I want to come to the very nice Ham Yard Hotel in London for the UK Premiere of Danger Mouse! 

Credit: CBBC/Fremantle Kids

Credit: CBBC/Fremantle Kids

I had to read it a couple of times, could this be real, the BBC and Fremantle are going to bring back the legend that is Danger Mouse!  

This made for one very happy geek!  Being a kid in the 80's I loved Danger Mouse and his funny side kick Penfold! (who didn't?) I knew straight away that I wanted to go but would little geek?  Luckily after a quick YouTube search I showed her some of the old show and she was very interested and wanted to bring her best friend as well! 

Flash forward and on Friday afternoon we were making our way up to London to enjoy the premiere, for what I thought would be a bloggers type event, it turned out not to be and we found ourselves surrounded by celebs and their kids as well as some competition winners.  I have to admit with some of the celebs I had to stop myself asking for a selfie (it is just not cool is it?) although those I spoke to were very nice and the event was brilliant with plenty for the kids to do, so much so we didn't leave until gone 8pm!

We were welcomed with some drinks and ushered into the very lovely private cinema at the hotel.  A quick introduction to the crew and production team and we settled in for the first episode!  Keeping everything crossed that it hadn't been totally ruined! 

Credit: CBBC / Fremantle Kids

Credit: CBBC / Fremantle Kids

I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive as remakes are always a gamble, especially of such an iconic kids cartoon character, had they done the remake justice?  Was my childhood memories of "the chief" about to be ruined?  

You will be pleased to hear I shouldn't have worried, it was brilliant!  I won't go into to much detail but Alexander Armstrong is an excellent voice for the new Danger Mouse, you will be glad to know that his appearence hasn't changed much!  

Credit: CBBC / Fremantle Kids

Credit: CBBC / Fremantle Kids

Penfold is voiced by Kevin Eldon and Baron Greenback by Ed Gaughan!   The Colonel is voiced by Stephen Fry who is an excellent addition to the team!

It was great during the event to get an insight into how they make the series, recording the voice of the actors first before starting on the animation, I don't know why I assumed this would be the other way around! I guess you learn something every day!  

There is also a new main character, who in time could become my favourite as she is the geek of the show!  The character is Prof Skwalkencluck (played by Shauna MacDonald), who is supplying the team with her gadgets!  

As well as this new main Character some old classics will also be returning!  To top it all off the show is narrated by Dave Lamb (of Come dine with me fame!).  

Following the episode there was a Q&A with the cast and the children in the audience got to ask them some tough and challenging questions and it was fun to see them answer them! 

The first episode is on 28th September on CBBC!  I like that they are only going to be 11 minute episodes, perfect for whilst waiting for the train ha ha!   So all of you big kids like me can start to introduce the next generation of Danger Mouse fans! 

I thought I would share some of my pictures of the event and the great tattoos and facing painting that little geek and her friends enjoyed and thanks to the CBBC team for the invite and opportunity to attend such a fun event!