Inspirational Instagram Accounts - Part 2

So I previously posted this post about some inspirational instagram accounts, I didn’t want the post to be to long so I decided to hold back some of those that I like and do a second post, there will no doubt be a third and probably fourth as there are so many great accounts out there.

I previously split them buy professional bloggers and others but thinking back that really doesn’t make sense as it really shouldn’t make any difference, they are all inspirational for different reasons.

So I guess here goes.

First up is Jess, she is alternatively know as Miss Underground as well as Miss Jess, both very different accounts but inspirational in there own way.  Go and check our her work, Jess is a pro Instagram and consults a number of brands on Instagram as well as running meet up groups such as Igers London.

Here are a couple of pictures I like from both of Jess’s accounts.

Our home for the last few days. @NobisHotel with @AbsolutVodka #AbsolutArtAward

A photo posted by Jess (@miss_jess) on

A great shot of some stairs from a hotel in Stockholm, great lines in this picture

The account that first got my attention on Instagram was Miss Underground, being a born and bred Londoner I grew up using the underground and love travelling on it to this day, Jess brings a different view and one that is often void of people, which the underground rarely is! 

Target locked. Can you tell who I met last night?!

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I love this shot taken some time ago now, but is brilliant in its simplicity with one small addition which very much reminds me of the London Underground sign! 

The next Instagramer I have chosen, first came to my attention not through Instagram but YouTube, it is Mr Ben Brown, he is a daily vlogger on YouTube, a Brit now based (in the loosest possible sense as he travels a lot!) in South Africa, I highly recommend his travel if you fancy a bit of escapism as well as to see some fantastic photos!

He has just hit the 500k mark on Instagram which is an amazing achievement, well done Ben! He is also a Land Rover lover (like myself) and has a 110 which features in a lot of his videos and Instagram photos (when not in the garage, sorry about that Ben couldn’t resist).

It was hard to chose a favourite picture because there are so many, but this is what I went for! 

Next on the list is James Barkman, and to be honest there is very little I can tell you about James, he probably has a website and twitter but I haven’t explored any of those, just his Instagram.

Again he is another traveller, documenting his adventures with his camper van and trail bike.  James often pitches up a tent and grabs a great picture with stunning results, and this is the picture I have chose.

Again Kat Irlin  or Kat in NYC is an account I have been following for a while, her account grabbed my attention for the edited skylines she used to post, her account has gone through a transition more recently including many portraits which are still brilliant, if not on the edge of some of Instagram’s rules sometimes.

I love NYC, but from a far its a city I have yet to visit but is certainly on my list!  Kat has a fantastically ability to layer pictures with stunning results, and this picture is one of my favourite! 

pretty sunsets..

A photo posted by kat irlin (@kat_in_nyc) on

Up next is George, who can be found uploading some amazing pictures of London, he has a great eye for details or looking at images with a different perspective, many pictures are taken using a fish eye lens with spectacular results.

It doesn’t surprise me that he has over 10,000 followers on there! 

Every now and then you stumble across accounts on Instagram that you look at and think, wow, there are some fantastic photos, Unfound door was one of them, it is an account that really gives you a glimpse into the person behind the camera.  Patricia takes some amazing photos, be it of her family or their adventures or often a piece of art! 

This picture really caught my attention when it was posted, I had to wonder if moments before that feather was attached to a bird ha ha

Just kidding 😬 (not our bread)

A photo posted by ⋮ Ρatricia ⋮ (@unfounddoor) on

My final two inspirational accounts are both bloggers.  The first is Darren, otherwise known as Photalife.  Darren runs a weekly link up (#MYSUNDAYPHOTO) which I have been taking part in for a while now, but Darren has a great Instagram account which combines some fantastic photos along with family life, Darren recently uploaded this fantastic photo of the houses of parliament.

The second blogger who also has a fantastic Instagram account is Lindy_, the summary in her Instagram profile perfectly summaries what to expect, photography, food and interiors.  A great eye for detail and can even make a cheap McDonalds happy meal toy look good (you will have to look through the pics to see what one I am on about).  Go and have a look at Lindy’s account for some perfectly framed photos interior envy, but one warning, if you are hungry do not look at this account. 

Finally I had to choose this picture.... I love a bit of tea me!