Behind The Blog: A Project

I have had a little project going around in my head for sometime now, I have mentioned this to a couple of other bloggers (Tim from Slouching Thatcham and Becky from English Mum) but this is something I want to get off the ground at some point during 2016 (I should be more committal here really).

I thought I would share this with all of you, especially for fellow bloggers that read this as it could involve you!   It is pretty simple but will take some planning, the project is called as you would have guessed Behind The Blog.

It is simple it will be a podcast (don’t roll your eyes at me!! …..) yes there are millions of podcasts out there but this one is simple (in my view) and I haven’t listened to anything doing just this (please don’t now show me them if they exist 🙈)

I want to do a podcast interviewing the people behind some of the best blogs the UK has to offer (might even look at further a field later on, but one step at a time)

Tim does an excellent podcast that I have been guest on, where bloggers read one of there posts and Tim does likewise.  I think we both come up with the idea of doing a podcast around the same time, but Tim got going real quickly, I recommend you go check it out if you haven’t already done so.

My idea was inspired after BritMums, the event last year was brilliant and have touched on that in this post, but I left there with one overwhelming feeling, this was how great bloggers are, how intereting each one is and how everyone has a story behind why they blog.  It led me to think it would be good to have further discussions with the people behind these blogs, record them and am sure a number of other people would also find these of interest.

I am a big podcast fan listening to many, be it Kermode and Mayos film review (Hello To Jason Isaac by the way!), the wired podcast, to keep up to date with my geekiness or the filler podcast where they interview all types of creatives.  This is why I want to start my own.

The ideal format would be meeting with a number of bloggers (I already have a short list in my head!) face to face and have a chat over a cup of tea and learning more about them.

As it stands it is still very much in the planning process, I have a website name, twitter name and that is about it.

Next steps for me is to look into the equipment I will need, I can run most of it through my Mac but want to get a decent microphone, having worked in radio previously I cannot stand a tiny / cheap sound.  I will hopefully get some sponsors on board (that will be a big ask).  

Finally I will need to decide on a venue or if I am not going to do them face to face, decide whether I will be happy doing some of them “down the line” as they used to say! 

For now I will keep planning and will update you on my progress,  if any of you would be interested in taking part get in touch! 

Fingers crossed as well that this idea will not be stolen or completed by somebody else before I can get mine going, hopefully I won't regret posting this!