In my previous post 'It's all in the planning' I talk about not setting any new years resolutions etc but one of my aims for this year is to be more active, having 2 torn ligaments in my left ankle last year I am limited to what I can do, but walking strangely is ok, as long as the shoes are well cushioned.

After spending pretty much the majority of the new year period sat on my back side, I decided to go for my first walk on New Years Day.... well in the evening.

A nice open session.... outdoor walk! 

A nice open session.... outdoor walk! 

So I headed out looking like a bit of a thug... or Chav as a certain Emma called me! But my photo for this Sunday is my apple watch and the work out app.  I didn't want to limit myself to a certain distance or time, I just wanted to walk and get some fresh air, but have a record of how far I went, the watch is perfect for that, as well as more regimented exercise tracking.

It was a gentle if not cold walk, but managed 2.5 miles at at a reasonable pace and felt less guilty once returning home and stuffing my face with the lovely roast lamb dinner the wife had cooked.

Happy New Year all and look forward to seeing all of you every Sunday and seeing your #MYSUNDAYPHOTO