You're just like me!

Speaking to Little Geek when she got in from school tonight it got me thinking just how like me she is in so many ways!! I  felt the urge to write her this letter:

Dear Little Geek,

You are changing and growing up fast, I am unsure where my little girl has gone!   You are in the last phase of your primary education, with SATS around the corner, September will be around in no time and you will be putting on your blazer and going off to senior school.

You have been working hard at school and I am happy with the positive reaction you have had about starting with a maths tutor this week at school. 

I thought it would be good time to talk about the genes you have inherited.

You're just like me in so many ways, in your mannerisms, expressions and dare I say it stubbornness, I won’t apologies for the fact you have inherited my good looks, I just hope they don’t hinder you 😜  

You are an inquisitive young lady, with a keen interest in the world and current affairs which I hope continues and for an 11 year old you really understand what is going on in the world, and you only ever want to be kind to people and often are thinking of others before yourself.

You have a drive in you, which I admire greatly, but you have inherited a trait that I once had, and that is you lack in self confidence when it comes to education, in all other areas you are confident, as was I, but when it come to school it was a different story.

The only thing I want to tell you Katy is this, have belief in yourself, remember that everything you are doing is for you and the only person you have something to prove to is yourself and nobody else! 

Don’t ever change who you are because somebody wants you to act differently (unless you turn in to the school bully I might have something to say about that).

Remember that as long as you are pushing yourself to your full potential nobody can ask any more, and we will always be proud of you!

You have said for years now that you want to be an A&E Doctor, keep chasing that dream, the road there will be challenging but one I think you are up to if that is what you want.  

Finally it is to say that everybody around you is here to help and support you in any way we can, if it is a friendly face at the end of a tough day at school, or somebody to turn to when you are confused or unsure.  

We are your parents and you will continue to make us proud! 

Love you always!