Always losing your headphones?

Going on holiday is the perfect time to chill out and relax from the daily grind!  When packing to go away there are a few essentials I have to take with me! 

I'm not talking about swimming shorts, suncream etc I'm talking about gadgets and tech! 

I already had my cameras, Mac, iPad and iPhone ready (nope I don't travel light) but to add to the kit and make sure we could all chill out whilst around the pool the lovely people from Wraps earphones sent us each a pair of their unique earphones.

I really wasn't sure about these, I was concerned that they had put to much thought into the fashion element and they would be a bit rubbish.

I have a bit of an addiction for headphones/earphones and can never have enough, I really didn't want to take my main earphone away as they are metal and if I'm honest are a bit rubbish for when sitting around the pool as they get to hot.

Back to the Wraps, first thing that strikes you is the colour and then the build quality, they are made from excellent materials and have a quality feel and texture to the lead.

A big bug bear of mine (especially) with the kids is that they are either loosing their headphones (usually at the bottom of a bag) or getting them all tangled up!  With Wraps neither happened this holiday as when you weren't using them you could easily wrap them around your wrist or around the umbrella next to the pool when going for a dip.

The quality of the sound is also very good, I was expecting them to be a bit to heavy on the treble and not enough bass but I need not have worried as the sound quality is excellent, they are also very good at blocking out the sound around you especially when the pool gets that little bit to busy.

I certainly can't recommend these enough! If you want to find out more about these then check out


Wraps provided us with 3 pairs of headphones in exchange for an honest review.