Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition

A friend passed on an email to me a few weeks back for early access to the new Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition, which is taking place at The o2 (Thanks Debs!).  The offer was with Time Out to get an early preview to the exhibition ahead of its official opening on 16 November.

It is difficult to tell you about the exhibition without ruining it for you but, if you like Star Wars then you are not able to miss out on this exhibition.   To give you the gist of what to expect, it follows journey of Luke and Anakin Skywalker, right back from where it began in Tatooine, as well as details about their friends, mentors and choices they make during their life.

One feature that I loved is the interactive way you are able to get involved.  Using a smart band you are able to create your own character as you go around stoping at each of the 10 (I think) zones, storing information about your personality, origin, personality etc all cleverly stored on the smart band.  There is also an audio guide you use for further information and listen to videos as you are walking around. 

As for what you get to see, the exhibition shows a collection of 200 of the original costumes, props, models pieces of artwork that went into creating this excellent series.

Below are some of the pictures I managed to grab, as well as the story I shared on instagram whilst walking around.

If you want more information check out Star Wars Identities site

The exhibition is on from now until 3rd September, there is a high probability that I will need to go back with little geek and possible even my dad, after all Return of the Jedi was the first movie I got to see at the cinema thanks to him.  This will make a great day out, just need to get Cineworld to start showing some of the older films so we can make a proper Star Wars geeky day  of it! 

Disclaimer  - This is not a sponsored post, actual money was paid by myself to visit this exhibition.. worth every penny!