Apple to replace iPhone 6S batteries for free

You know when your kids moan that something is wrong with their phone, is your first instinct to think that they are just trying to pull a fast one to get a new phone?

Recently Ash has been moaning that her phone will just crash without warning and not turn on again until its plugged back in to the power!  It looks like this wasn't some bullshit story she was spinning to try and get a new phone! 

In an announcement today by Apple, they will now replace your iPhone 6s for free if it was purchased between September 2015 and October 2015.  

Apple state that this issue has had an impact on a very small number of devices.

Further information on this can be found on the Apple site, if you think like us you have an iPhone with a dodgy battery then book it in with your local Apple Store or any Authorised Service.

Dont forget before taking the device to a store back up your phone as in the past they have swapped the devices out for other reconditioned ones!