10 suggestions for your Netflix night in

Valentines day is around the corner, literally it is tomorrow!! So this is your last minute warning if you have forgot to buy that significant other of yours a card I suggest you run out now and grab one or why not get creative and make one?

If you are planning a nice night in then I have pulled together a list of some fantastic movies  for you to Netflix and........ ok can we stop using this saying!  If you are planning a night in with your other half why not make it a Netflix Night In?

Instead of going out to your local restaurant to be charged more for the same meal than if you were to go next week, why not snuggle up with your loved one and enjoy some of great movies or TV series on Netflix.

I have had a look through whats on offer, below are some suggestions:

House of Cards:  Not the most romantic series that comes to mind but watch as Frank Underwood manipulates, seduces and fights his way to getting what he wants and after all power is definitely sexy .... no? Well if that doesn't do it for you sure the gorgeous Kate Mara will.

About Time: Ok I am manly enough to admit I love a romcom at times, and this film staring Domnhall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams will definitely get you both cuddled up and at least one of you crying! 

Adore: Ok I admit this story line is a little weird, but plenty of sexiness on show from Naomi Watts and Robin Wright (who is also in House of Cards).

Romeo and Juliet:  Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes getting all shakespearean for your lusting pleasure! A great film if not a reminder that love can be tough at times! 

Skins:  If you missed this the first time around on E4, then you have 7 great seasons to watch, basically about teens who are pretty much determined to spend the whole time getting high, drunk, fighting or having sex! (remind anyone else of their 6th form years?)

Silver Linings Playbook: A great cast including Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, two odd characters who fall for each other big time whilst ballroom dancing, don't worry its not like a romantic strictly come dancing story! 

Ghost: Who ever thought that pottery could be sexy.... well I know the wife is a big fan of this movie and Patrick Swayze, where his character returns from the grave to warn his now morning lover (a young Demi Moore) about her impending danger!

Blue is the Warmest Color:  A story about Emma whose life is changed after meeting Adele who helps her grow and discover her self 

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 17.50.54.png

The Wolf of Wall Street: If drugs, nakedness and damn right shocking behaviour is your thing then the film that should have given Leonardo DiCaprio his first oscar is the one for you! 

Adventureland: A great film about a nerdy guy (Jesse Eisenberg) looking for a job after college, Adventureland is a very dry funny film is a must see! Staring Jesse Eisenberg and Kirsten Stewart.