Behind the scenes at CBBC's Airmageddon

So let me take you back to Christmas, yes I know that it is now long gone but this where this story starts.  It was the 23rd December, I was at my sisters that evening and the first chance I had to check my emails! Sitting there in my inbox was a nice little invite from the BBC PR team inviting me to a set visit for Airmageddon!  I had no idea what this was until i read the rest of the invite! 

To say I was a little excited would be an understatement, yes I am a geek, yes I want a drone and yes this program seemed right up my street, even though it was for the kids and I am far to old to enter..... although little geek isn't!! 

Fast forward to January, it was a lovely and sunny if not slightly chilly Friday morning, and I was making my way to Bedfordshire, the studios turned out to be two huge world war one Airship hangers! 

We are greeted by the team of Airmageddon, for a cup of tea and briefing about the show.   The new kids tv series, devised by Steve Carsey, the producer of the original Robot Wars is all about drones!  Airmageddon will feature four teams in each episode, battling against each other over 3 rounds with the winner securing a place in the semi finals! 

The teams (called Aviators) talents will be put to the test in the Airena (see what they did there?) with custom built drones.  Over the 3 rounds they will have to avoid the resident drones whilst trying to survive the high flying Airsault Course, The Drop and finally the Dogfight, who will come out on top?

One nice little touch on the show is the individual cover designs each Aviators have, they are tasked with making and designing their own covers for their drone, bringing a piece of their own personality to the show!  Here are some of the great ones we had a sneak at! 

At the visit we got to test out our own skills on flying some of the drones, unfortunately not the ones they will use in the actual show, but I can vouch that it is certainly harder than it looks!

We started off with these tiny little ones which were great fun and good to start with to understand the basics and then moved to the set to try out some bigger drones! I now want a drone more than ever and will hopefully review some on here shortly! 

Below of some pics of me having fun, although you can see the serious look on my face, glad they haven't sent me the ones with my tongue hanging out! 

The show will be presented by Will Best and Rachel Stringer, episode 1 and 2 are planned for Saturday 20th February and Sunday 21st February on CBBC at 8.25am (repeated at 3.20pm each day), perfect Saturday morning viewing! 

I was seriously impressed by Airmageddon and just hope that CBBC and DHX Media who produce the show will one day do a parent special.... if so add my name to the list! 

Below are some pictures of the amazing set, as well as the drones the Aviators will get to fly in the Airena! Also are some of the resident drones, I am still not sure which is my favourite but as the pics show they are all awesome!!