Mother's Day Hamper Challenge from Matalan

Mother's day is always a difficult thing to shop for in the geek house hold! Mumyougeek's birthday always falls around the same time as Mother's day, it was once even on the same day, so distinguishing between the two has often been difficult, and little geek and the teen have wanted to make it feel special in one way or another! 

This year we were challenged by Matalan to visit one of their stores and pick some items to make into a hamper for Mumyougeek! 

The teen (being nearly 20) will be doing her own thing, so the little geek and I headed to our local Matalan store.  If I am honest I have not been in Matalan for years, don't ask me why because I honestly can't remember, but I was actually surprised by how much stuff they had for mothers day.  I was thinking about how could I write a blog post about this showing our experience, when we came up with this! 

I was honestly impressed with the things on offer in store, and if it is like ours there were a number of options right at the front of the store! 

I guess this post should serve as a last minute warning for folks who might forget that mother's day is just around the corner!