Sleep ..... My old friend!

This post is a bit of a story, about a relationship that I have had all my life just like you! This is my relationship with sleep! 

It has been a strange one, I remember being a kid and hating sleep, I never wanted to go to sleep…. ever! In many ways little geek is very much the same, it shows weakness in her eyes to admit that she is tired, despite numerous attempts to explain to her that it is ok to go to bed early or have a snooze! 

My mum assures me as a baby I was a very good sleeper, only waking for food (don’t laugh!), and that continued during most of my child hood until, I think I must have been about 8 or 9 when I started to fight sleep! 

As a teenager I was never one for a massive lie in, I always wanted to be up and about, I used to especially love time at the weekend when Dad was already out early working (as he often was #Grafter) and Mum was out doing the weekly food shopping and I had the run of the house to myself….. except my sister who loved sleeping for hours and used to hate it when I would put on the ministry of sound annual and wake her! 

Not a flattering photo .....but I was shattered! 

Not a flattering photo .....but I was shattered! 

But as I have grown up and started working, sleep has been one of those necessary evils in my eyes!   Then as children arrived it was something that I longed for! This picture of me holding little geek as a baby kind of shows what all parents go through!

But as the children have grown up and started to enjoy a lay in or stay out until very late, or not come home at all my sleep patterns have been some what erratic, I often get bouts of insomnia, only mild but I went through a phase of going to sleep when tired and then waking at 3 or 4 in the morning, wide awake and no idea why! 

I admit I am a tea-o-holic, but it has never impacted me, cutting it out hasn’t helped, if anything having a nice cup of Earl Grey before bed settles me!

I tried a number of apps to try and track my sleep but to be honest this produced minimal results and just told me what time I woke up, which obviously I knew!  Then along come ResMed, with the opportunity to try out their brand new S+.

I really wasn’t sure what to make of it and was skeptical when they first approached asking if I would like to test it out and wondered what results it could have!

A big plus to start with is the S+ is its own stand alone unit, that is very modern looking (very much reminds me of something Apple would design to sit very well on my bedside cabinet!)

The S+ features SleepSensor technology which makes it possible for the first time to track , analyse and hopefully for me improve sleep at home without the need for me to wear an extra wrist band or stick something to my head or on the mattress.

I have now been using the S+ for a week, and although I started off getting great sleep which has been the norm of late, a few times I haven’t woken feeling refreshed or like I have had a good sleep, but now instead of just wondering why I am not getting a good sleep the accompanying app has analysed the data and the sleep mentor within this has provided some tips to help improve my sleep!

I thought it was worth showing some of the screen grabs of my sleep as well as information the mentor has provided.

The S+ app provides me with daily feedback, this is in the form a sleep score from 0-100 and sleep charts which provide a breakdown of the light, deep and REM sleep that I have achieved.  I also now understand more about these different stages of REM sleep and what they mean and why each one is important for the mind as well as the body to heal itself and digest what has happened during the day! 

I have to admit it has become quiet addictive looking at my sleep patterns, and I am confident anyone else using the S+ will say the same! 

The S+ by ResMed will be available at the price of £129.95 from my ResMed site here or on Amazon and John Lewis

I thought at first that price might be a bit steep for some but when you start using it and understanding what has gone into its development you understand.  The S+ has been rigorously tested in 10 independent clinical trials and has also been tested and proven against expert manually scored patient sleep data gathered in several accredited sleep  labs!

If you are a geek like me you will know that to be recognised for innovation and design by either Reddot or at CES it can’t be half bad!! 

If you have any questions about my use of it feel free to get in touch as I am still learning and am at the start of improving my sleep! You can also find out more about the S+ by ResMed by following them on Twitter here! 

For now happy sleeping, all I need now is for someone to help me get rid of this cold as that also can’t be helping!