A Great Week!

This past week has been a busy one! 

This time last Sunday we were ready to fly off to Barcelona for a short 2 night break, going away with my parents for the first time in years, as well as the wife, after all the main reason for the trip was for her to be away for her Birthday! But we were also joined by my parents oldest friends.  

It was really special, Vic and Rita have been (I think) a part of my life for ever, but certainly as long as I can remember! It was very special to spend time with them and my parents.

On the drive to the airport I had pangs of guilt as it was the first time we had left little geek at home with her big sister for a few nights.  Felt guilty for leaving her but also for Ashleigh, should she have to spend her time looking after her little sis whilst we were away having fun!  As often is the case though she didn't have a word of complaint and was happy to help out! 

Mel has been going through a rough time of late and the break was very welcome for her, time for her to relax and she certainly did that, despite the amount of walking we did (nearly 20 miles over 3 days!).

This was Mel's first time in Barcelona, and it might as well have been mine as I was very young the last time I went and didn't remember any of it! The architecture is amazing, such varied designs and plenty of places to explore!  I fell slightly in love with  the gothic quarter and feel I only scratched the surface over the 3 days we were there! 

For photography fans it is an amazing city for so many reasons, be it the unique Antoni Gaudi buildings, the sea front or the panoramic views from the top of either mountain.  I have been thinking how I can describe the food in Barcelona and it is difficult, mainly because of the variety and quality.  On the second day I remarked as to whether there is actually a bad restaurant in Barcelona?

During our visit we didn't plan where to eat but had a wander around near the hotel to find somewhere to eat and struck lucky every time! Unfortunately my mum wasn't well the first two days and was confined to her hotel room! 

We ventured out and stumbled on a great restaurant just around the corner to the hotel, Milk Bar & Bistro is this small little place that is alive.  The first thing that strikes you is the homely atmosphere in there, not your traditional restaurant serving Tapas, it had an American / San Francisco feel to it!   A strange choice for us considering the short time we were in Barcelona for but we were not disappointed at all, the food was of excellent quality, I went for the Chicken Fajitas, probably some of the best I have had!

It turns out that Milk is a well known Bistro and queues forming outside are common! We liked the place so much we wanted Mum to have a chance to check it out and went back there for Brunch on Tuesday before we flew home, if you are to visit Barcelona this needs to be on your visit list! 

Rita and Mum..... not the best photo but only a got a couple of Mum during trip! 

Rita and Mum..... not the best photo but only a got a couple of Mum during trip! 

We found the easiest way to get around Barcelona was to get a two day tourist bus ticket, this enabled us to see as much of the city over the two days as possible, although If I am honest I would have liked a couple of extra days there to be able to explore more of the sites.

Our last night we went traditional for dinner, and went in search of a fine Paella! We found this at Momos Restaurant where I enjoyed a fantastic mixed paella! 

All in all the trip to Barcelona was brilliant, if only Mum wasn't so poorly for the first two days, although by the end she was smiling and looked a lot better than on the flight out (was convinced she shouldn't have flown!!) 

We returned home to find the house was still standing and the girls hadn't killed each other or fallen out! Both Mel and myself had Wednesday off, in this week of first it was time for Mel to experience another one! This first for her was going to a gig / concert!  

I am not sure how in her life she has managed not to go to one before but then she has never been  one for big crowds but that changed on Wednesday as we drove up to Greenwich and the o2 to see Adele! 

We got up early to have a nice bite to eat and casual walk around, even jumping on the emirates skyline for a nice view of the o2 from above and the Thames! 

The Adele concert was great as you would expect but it was great to see Adele not just sing but actually interact with the audience as well, as well as briefly talking about her battle with post natal depression, and how the support of her friends helped her get over this! A very honest talk from Adele! 

Unfortunately we had to go back to work for two days, but some great experiences and fantastic time had by all (except Mum probably!), will be finishing off the week taking a friend to Spurs who has not been for years, lets hope she doesn't jinx the result! 

Hope you have all had a good week!