Father and daughter time!

I love it when a little plan comes together! 

The bank holiday presented an opportunity for me and little geek to go to Wales and spend some quality father and daughter time, it used to be father and daughters time but the teen ....... oh hang on she is 20 now I cant call her that! (any suggestions for nick names....??) as I was saying the teen used to come with us but that is boring these days! 

Anyway I had a client meeting  on the Tuesday after bank holiday down in Pembrokeshire where some of the in-laws live.

The forecast for the weekend wasn't brilliant, but be it sun, rain or even snow I would happily walk along any number of the amazing beaches in the area!  Typically plans called have fallen at the first hurdle as madam wasn't well and I could have been going down there on my own! 

I thought the forecasters had screwed up and Friday was a lovely day, with bright sunshine and Pembrokeshire looking amazing under the blue sky!   We decided to head straight for St Davids arriving just in time for some lunch! 

If you have never been to St David's then I honestly cannot recommend this city (yes it is a city.... a very small one mind!).  St David's is very well known for its amazing cathedral and the ruins of the Bishops Palace, as well as plenty of shops, cafes and other restaurants!  We grabbed something to eat at Sound Cafe in the town, before picking up a huge ice cream from The Bench, a little ice cream bar, making Italian artisan ice cream..... they honestly had loads of flavours (Perfect considering the weather, but not the best idea because of what we decided to do next!)

Walking back into the main town a man writing on a chalk board grabbed our attention, he was updating the status of some Ramsey Island boat cruises, one look at little geek and I knew instantly that if they had room we were going! Luckily the company Voyages of Discovery had space and we were booked to go out on the 4pm boat..... so probably not an ideal time to be stuffing our faces with ice cream! 

We had about an hour to kill so walked down to the Cathedral to have a look at this before heading down to St Davids Lifeboat station to meet our boat and head out for a tour of Ramsey Island, which is owned by the RSPB.

As you will see from this little video, both little geek and myself had an amazing time and see some fantastic sights!

Saturday see the arrival of Storm Katie and torrential rain, so what do you do when you are in Wales in and its raining..... go to the beach of course!  One of my favourite places, not just beaches in the world is Freshwater West, an unforgiving beach that is often battered by wind and rain but I love it none the less.   It is better known for being the beach where Dobby from Harry Potter was laid to rest! 

With Rocks and cliffs and huge sand dunes this beach has it all, a popular spot for surfers and dog walkers a like in the winter months, it is a great place to enjoy the view and go for a long walk.... and walk is exactly what we did!  

One tip is when it is that wet having a water proof coat is not enough, you also need water proof trousers which we will have to remember next time! 

Little Geek insisted on visiting Folly Farm on Sunday, we have been there many times but not since they had introduced the lions.  There is plenty to do there for kids of all ages, and now they have added the lions it is a perfect addition to the other animals they already have, few places that I have been to before where you can feed farm animals or see lions now!  We were very lucky with the weather, avoiding the rain which fell whilst we were having lunch! 

Monday was our last day before I had to get back to work and more beach walks were in store, we visited some of our favourites sites and ended up again back at Freshwater West with a take away Chinese and opportunity to watch an amazing sunset! 

The main take away from the weekend for me was the quality time I got to spend with little geek,  I have said this before in other blog posts, but she is growing up so fast, be it from some of the grown up conversations we had or the fact that she packed up all our stuff whilst I was out at a work meeting on the Tuesday! 

It really is a pleasure spending time with her and does make me proud seeing the lovely young lady she is growing into!