I want them to be there for my future generations!

You may have clicked on this post wondering what the hell this is going to be about, well let's be clear from the start this is about Rhinos!  

I've only ever seen them in a zoo or wildlife park but one day hope to venture to South Africa and visit them in their natural environment, I also want future generations of my family to be able to see these amazing animals, but there are people out there who could make this impossible! 


These people are only interested in the horn of the rhino and selling it on the black market, they have no interest in the rest of the animal and often leave these for dead.  

I'm a big fan of Mr Ben Brown, vlogger, photographer and all round creative!  He and a number of others made this excellent video highlighting the issues The Kruger national park face from Rhino poaching!  


Ben and the team are are trying to raise as much as possible to fund another tracking dog as shown in this video, their goal is $4,000 but wouldn't it be great to get as much as possible!  

You can donate here, where its a $1 or $1,000 anything you can do to help will no doubt be appreciated! 

The donation page is here,

Donate if you can if not show your support by sharing the video and funding sight