This week has been a busy one but yesterday me and little geek went for a walk around Epoing Foresr timing it just about right to avoid getting totally soaked!  

We stared with a walk around Connaught Water, a lake on the edge of Epping Forwest a stones throw from Chingford.

If you're ever in the area I highly recommend it and also stop at Butlers Retreat just down the road for a drink or a nice relaxed lunch after a long walk. 

I only had my iPhone with me for this walk but armed with my Olloclip as well I managed to grab some good photos, after feeling ill all week with a throat and ear infection it was good to go for a leisurely strike, grab some photos and enjoy time outside with little geek.

I managed to grab some great photos of the lake and birds, but the one that stuck out for me was this swan that took an instant dislike to the many Canadian Geese.   I took this in one of the few moments it wasn't swimming around the lake on a mission ha ha.