What did Apple announce for iOS at WWDC?

Credit: Apple

Credit: Apple

If you are not a geek like me but do like to know what is coming to your iPhone and other Apple devices later this year, I will try and give you a brief update of what was announced at the worldwide developer conference today! 

So Apple gave an insight into the enhancements they are going to be making to the iOS in fall this year.

So what is changing in IOS10?

Whilst watching the Keynote speech this evening there was a number of times that I putted "At Last" because most of the enhancements are not ground breaking but are things that I feel have been lacking from iOS.  Here is the little video Apple released after the even to show case the majority of the enhancements.


The first thing to discuss is that iMessage is coming to Android........  yep you read that right, one of the best function on the iPhone will soon be available to all you people on Android, but will you use it?  Only you can answer that.

Along side this was a number of enhancements to iMessage which a very few pundits expected! So lets look at a few of these features:

Invisible ink - This lets you send a message or photo that will remain hidden until you swipe to reveal it

Animations - When you congratulate people or wish someone a happy birthday you can select an animation to go with this

Write it yourself - you will now be able to send a message in your own handwriting that will appear like you are writing it on their screen...... I apologise now to anyone who is not able to read my scrawl! 

Tapback - not that apple would like me to say this but tap back is their version of a like, you will be able to heart, thumb up or down + a few other responses, this will appear next to their message like so! 

Credit: Apple

Credit: Apple

Personal Touch - A nifty feature that will allow you to send heartbeats, sketches and more on to pictures videos etc

Stickers - Looking to take on Facebook Messenger with this one, you will soon be able to add stickers to your iMessages! 

Emoji - Not only are Apple making these bigger, but they are also adding the feature to replace / swap out words with an emoji, so for those who already get those strange emoji messages from their kids all your friends will soon be sending them to you as well!! 


Maps is also getting some enhancements, with restaurant reservations (expect this to be a slower role out though as I wouldn't imagine all countries will have this feature!), maps will also be able to make proactive suggestions when you are using it for route guidance with the view of getting you their faster! 


Some of you that were around for my dabble in android (it was ver brief) might remember that I had a HTC, one feature I loved on that was the raise to wake, basically when you picked it up the screen lit up and you could see notifications etc, this will now be available on the iPhone!  

Now you will be able to pick up your phone and see what notifications are waiting for you, 3D touch will also have a use (should say more of a use but I hardly use it as is)


If like me you take a load of photos mainly on your iPhone then you should be pleased with the update to photos as there have been a number of updates announced:

Search - This has been improved, not only will you be able to search for faces but soon for areas, but features within a photo

Memories - Apple will soon present you with memories, be it from the great weekend you have just had or something from a few years ago, Photos will pull together little stories and create a neat little video for you...... yes a bit like Google Photos does (soz about that)

Multilingual Typing 

If you are one of those clever sods who can speak more than one language, and no saying "Monge Tout Rodney Monge Tout" Del Boy style doesn't count, but I know many of you are multilingual then you will be able to type in both languages without having to switch between keyboards! 

Apple Music

Yep they have taken on board peoples gripes and changed the layout and design of the music app as well as adding in lyrics which I think will go down a storm with the youth!!