It's good to talk

No I am not about to start a sales pitch for BT..... but think about it, it really is good to talk! 

Think about the times you have sat down with a family member or friend or even a fellow blogger (like I recently did), that you haven't seen for ages, doesn't it just feel really good after you have had a chat and a catch up?

You are now probably wondering where I am going with this blog post, well this is about people and mental health!

 In todays modern society many of us often find ourselves living and working in silos, we go to work or are at home all day with the kids, not interacting with anybody outside our little bubble, be it our neighbours, friends or our extended family!  

Even those of us that work can still be in these silos, I for example am based from home, although I am often travelling around visiting clients or speaking to them on the phone, but internally I can go a couple of weeks without seeing a colleague, most conversations are done over email or over the phone.

Don't get me wrong I love technology, twitter has made the world that little bit smaller, making it very easy to keep in touch with friends and family living abroad.  I however will be the first to admit that I spend to much time texting, tweeting or what sapping somebody and not making time to sit down with somebody and have a good old chinwag!  (face to face chat for those of you that don't use that slang).  

Over the last year it has become apparent to me that a number of close relatives and friends have suffered with depression, stress or anxiety.   When I see a friend or loved one struggling, sitting down with them and letting them know that they have someone to talk to has helped both of us.

It is scary seeing somebody you love or who is very close to you, admitting that they are struggling and fighting their own demons and feeling like they are all alone and you were none the wiser.

If somebody close to you was ill physically you would be able to see it and offer a helping hand, but with mental health it usually isn't that obvious until the situation becomes very serious.  It was good to see that my cousin who has been struggling with a mental health issue, recently post on Facebook very openly that he had been struggling, I know it took a lot of strength for him to admit he wasn't coping and reach out for help from professionals.  I am pleased to say that he is coming out the other side, but many a night before this, he has spent time talking to me about what he is going through and it was comforting to know that he felt he could open up to me.

Even at a recent blogging event it surprised me to see a number of bloggers posting that they found the whole even slightly overwhelming due to anxiety or another fear, also a little sad that I didn't spot these people, I will keep an eye out next time! 

I guess I am putting this post out there to encourage more of us to have those face to face conversations with friends, family and loved ones, and look out for signs of people going into their little silos and being to afraid to ask for help.

If anyone is reading this and can relate to that feeling of being isolated please don't suffer in silence, get in contact I would be more than happy to help out in anyway possible! 

I know this sounds cheesy but remember that the samaritans charity offer great support to many people, they have a page on their site about how they have helped people if you are not sure if you are suffering from a mental health issue, the scariest step is sometimes realising that you need help, and then asking for it!