#MYSUNDAYPHOTO - Order or the start of a horror movie?

Since moving in October we have been thankful for the access to a shed size storage unit at Safestore.  Everything from the old shed is in their including the Christmas decorations.  Having packed up the tree etc yesterday it was time to return them to our unit.

Since visiting, something has always appealed to me about the straight lines and symmetry of the corridors has always appealed to me, and yesterday decided to take a picture.  This is the result, to save energy the lights in store are on motion sensors so my end of the corridor is light whilst the end is dark! 

It made me think is this the start of a horror movie?  Check out below the picture as it gets interesting....

Do you see order or the start of a horror movie ?? 😉

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So I shared the above picture on my Facebook page and the Chrissie who works for safestore shared this link to their site.... well work a read! 


I am not 100% sure I won't be looking over my shoulder the next time I go!