#MYSUNDAYPHOTO - Feeding the cats at Paradise Wildlife Park

Today has been a busy but brilliant day!  A rare day with just the eldest and me!  We gave Ashleigh for her 21st a present we knew she would love, feeding the big cats at Paradise Wildlife Park.

One of my favourite pictures I have taken of this beauty! Certainly captured the moment! 

One of my favourite pictures I have taken of this beauty! Certainly captured the moment! 

This was months ago and it took her a while to find a date in her busy schedule she could make but today was the day.  Ashleigh is obsessed with tigers, she loves them more than me I think.  I was a little worried looking at the forecast that we were going to get soaked but mother nature did us a favour and the heavy rain stayed away.

After strolling around the park for a few hours, falling in love with the baby (5 month old) Jaguar they have which was nearly born on the same day as Ashleigh's birthday!  We finally made our way over to the discovery centre.

It was a warm welcome, literally as we were offered a nice hot chocolate (for Ash) and lovely cup of tea for me as well as some biscuits and the start of Ashleigh's briefing with the keeper.  We then headed over to the Keepers hut, where they prep the food and was shown some examples of the food they would eat for a normal meat! A huge chunk of 8kg meat! 

After this it was time for the actual feeding, we headed over to the tigers enclosure and was introduced to Siberia, a lovely Amur Tiger.  Below are some of the pictures I grabbed!

Siberia is very calm in comparison to her sister Aleena, who has a distinct dislike to mobile phones as this video below shows!! 

You need the sound on for this and watch to the end #amazing #tigers #lovely @paradisewildlifepark

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I really wasn't sure what to expect from this who experience but I have to admit I utterly loved it and now want to look into a visit to an associated site called The Big Cat Sanctuary, which is home to these two lovely tigers sister.