Would you spend over £1,000 on a phone?

This is the question I have been asking myself since the launch of the new iPhone X.

I am an out and out Apple Fan boy and have always wanted / had the most up to date iPhone on the market, but this time I have hesitated from jumping head first into an Apple store and just telling them to take my money.

I am now wondering is the new iPhone X worth it.... I have looked at it in a store but have yet to part with any cash, the screen looks amazing, the sound is just as good as my 7Plus... but still £1,149 for a phone! 

Previously I haven't thought much of the competitors, either be it the devices or how well the android system worked compared to the Apple operating system, but my previous test with the Samsung S8+ in the summer showed that android based phones have come a long way, especially Samsung.  The fact that Samsung also now offer a bigger Note 8 dual sim, seems very attractive, especially for someone who has a work and personal phone.

Google recently announced the very sleek looking Pixel 2 with great features but have yet to put that to the test and I can't see Google sending me a device to try out anytime soon but this is certainly a possible contender for my next phone if I go down the Android ! 

Looking at it either way, to get the iPhone X is going to cost at least £68 a month including a line rental deal I get.....

Or I move away to Android or be ultra responsible and grown up (which my inner geek never is) and not upgrade this time around and save my money!  Being a geek this is a massive quandary but really don't feel comfortable spending this much on a phone when I am also in desperate need of a new macbook which is only fractionally more!  But are the phones going to get any cheaper?

...... I don't think so 😆

Once again I am a geek with pockets a little to shallow for his tastes.....

My questions is would you spend over £1,000 on a phone regardless of the make? Or have you already go the iPhone X, if so what do you think?  Either way I would be interested to hear your thoughts!