Dads life expectancy reduces during daughters teenage years!


 New research has come to light to prove that a Dads life expectancy drasticallly reduces during the teenage years of his daughters life!  It even goes on to say that should he manage to remain married during this time his life expectancy has the potential to reduce even further.

Having spoken to one dad, the reasearcher that undertook this extensive research learned that the following scenarios should be avoided at all costs for the period of their daughters teenage years and go as far to say even into their early twenties:

  • Don't ever ask them what is wrong
  • If they change their mind, just accept it don't question it
  • Avoid playing any kind of game with them, if playing such game is unavoidable whatever you do, don't win.
  • If they put a song on don't ever turn it over, even if it is rubbish!
  • Don't ask them to do anything around the house unless you expect a severe backlash.

In a drive to try and improve dads life expectancy the government are issuing these tips to all Dads to try and increase life expectancy:

  • Keep Calm it's only a tantrum !
  • Keep things in perspective
  • Apologies if you are at fault (Sometimes even when you're not! It helps defuse a number of situations)
  • When things calm down remind them you love them!

Researchers are expecting to publish full details of this research in the near future!  We would encourage all dads to share other life saving ideas

 *in fact nothing within this post is based upon actual research and is the ramblings of a dad following a sustained teenage tantrum