Stupid things my daughter has said!

I have wrote about the girls on the blog post many a time, at birthdays and about teen geek being like me, however I don't think ever before we as a family have got on board for one together! If you hadn't guessed from the title, this isn't a family travel post, or a family day out! It is stupid things my eldest daughter Ashleigh has said! 

Please take into account she is in her 20's and should know better, she isn't stupid but at times doesn't think, on the plus side though she certainly keeps us (and no doubt her colleagues at work) entertained!

I feel kind of mean writing this but it is done so with her permission (she might change her mind though!), I also might as this post could possibly only be funny to us as a family and not to other people.  I like how everyone has got on board with telling me about conversations they have had with Ashleigh, even her boyfriend texting me to tell me something she has said whilst out for a meal!  I love Ashleigh and her sense of humour but often she isn't joking and then realises how daft something she has just said really is!! 

Without banging on about it more here is the list so far, the way things are going there could be a follow up to this post!  I don't want her to ever change! 

You don't have to put stamps on envelops that's only what they did in the olden days 
Is a lettuce a vegetable 
Is a potato a vegetable .... omg yes it is 
Mum you seen a pen? Under kettle (meaning in the draw under kettle) .... she lifts the kettle up 
Dad have you got a pen? Yes there is a white one on my desk! I don't want white I want blue or black 
It was so nice it was like I was in a different place - Ash said whilst showing us pictures of her in Prague 
Basic is the new extraordinary 
My head is a very weird place 
I don't get it, how can a girl be pregnant when her son is only 7 months old 
What is the UK?? 
You have cars with big engines and ones with little ones if they are both doing 70mph will the bigger one over take 
Ash would you like a prawn... no thanks I don't eat things from the sea? How about try some lobster .... oh yes always wanted to try Lobster 
Dad are you hoovering the grass?
Water can still catch on fire though dad
How do I find a third of something?? Half, half it and half it again 🙈 
I didn't know there was a muscle in your forearm 
Can we paint the hallway that cream Mongolian paint (she meant magnolia in case its not clear)
Yes he's very busy he's burning two candles

I hope you find them as funny as we did....... although I think some of them you might have need to have been there!