Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

I want to say I am a bit of an audiophile, but not sure that is correct when you are just talking about headphones/earphones.  For years I had the brilliant Bose Soundtrue earphones, these weren't noice cancelling but did a good job of blocking out most ambient sounds around you.

Travelling a fair amount with work, be it on trains or more importantly the tube, I constantly find myself whacking the sound right up on my current earphones and I have no idea what damage this has / is causing to my ears, so this has had me thinking perhaps its about time to invest in some noise cancelling headphones! 

Having researched a fair amount I have come up with the following shortlist of headphones:

  • Bose QuietComfort 35- With Bose you know that you are going to get great sound quality as standard, a friend has a pair of these and they sit comfortably on the ear and the noise cancelling is excellent.  The concern for me here is the cost at £330 they are seriously expensive.  They do however come recommended as one of the top buys in every top 10 list I have read! 
  • Parrott Zik 3.0 - Are these headphones or piece of art well I think the answer is both, I have a feeling their look will be like marmite but personally like the look of these.  They have a solid look to them nad by all accounts seem to have a solid feel to them.  One thing I like the sound of is the handy app that enables you to play with the EQ and turn on off noise cancellation, also the fact that when you take the headphones off the music stops playing..... its the simple things right? 
  • Denon AHGC20 - Ok these are priced competitvely  and look good and will be great for travel as they are able to fold flat.  Designed and manufactured from aluminium with rubber finish plastic will give that soft  touch!  Back to the price, you are able to pick these up for £169 which is nearly half the price of the Bose! 
  • Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless- These are great headphones, I have used the wired versions sometime back and was seriously impressed with the build quality and sound.  The downside is these are £374 which is a serious amount for headphones.  They do have a reported 20 hour battery life (like some of the others)

Do you have any wireless headphones???  Would love to know your thoughts if you have some! Especially if you use them for travel and how much a difference have you noticed on volume levels? 

For now I think I need to head down to somewhere (perhaps John Lewis?) who stocks these and give them all a test if they have them in stock and can try them on!!