UPDATED: iPhone 8 rumours?

Ok folks looks like Apple inadvertently shared the GM code for a while I have updated some of the information this shared at the bottom of this post

With just over a week away from the autumn Apple Event, it means it’s that time of year where geeks and Apple fan boys/girls a like look towards Cupertino to see exactly what one of the worlds richest companies is going to announce next.

There has been a lot of talk on twitter as to what the new iPhone will be called, normally every other year an 'S' moniker is added to the iPhone and as this year the iPhone should become the 7s, however according to 9to5Mac, It is looking increasingly likely that Apple will take a break from this tradition and introduce the new phones as the iPhone 8.

It won't be a surprise that I am looking forward to the 12th September announcements, but if rumours are to be believed, there is likely to be the 3 models announced.

These are likely to be the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone Edition, although this is not confirmed as yet!  The current models upgrades being the 8 and 8 Plus, but a number of the new features coming to the iPhone Edition.  These look to be:

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 15.42.43.png
  • 5.8" OLED
  • Glass Body
  • Edge to edge display
  • No Home Button
  • Faction Recognition
  • Wireless Charging

Again as always with the iPhone these are not always ground breaking features or something never seen before on the market, but you know they will work very well.

Having been using the iOS11 beta, which will ship on the new phones when launched, I am hoping they can bring the dock you will see on the iPad to the iPhone in some form, not only is it really convenient but also with the auto hide and swipe anywhere to access it saves on screen space and time switching between regularly used apps.

Other enhancements to the camera are usually a given, there is some chat that the iPhone 8 will come with a 3D camera, also that a number are not happy with how camera will stick out the back of the phone. 

With regards to colours, it sounds strange but a new brown colour is rumoured to be added to the line up..... sounds horrid but I am sure it will look very nice, like a darker gold..... hmm thinking about that one it would just be bronze then ha ha!!

With the rumoured move back to glass bodies, wireless charging will be a welcome addition, but if you want to see more mock ups then check out these links below.  

What would you want to see on the next iPhone?  Let me know!

***Updated Info***

So on Saturday 8th September, Apple accidentally uploaded the main developer code to the developer site and quick as a flash a number downloaded this and started sifting through what new information this leak told us about what was very likely to be announced.  I will include some of the information being shared in geek circles, not just on the iPhone but also the next Apple Watch.  A summary is as follows:

  • All the phones will have a completely black front, no more colour matched edges 
  • FaceID is pretty much confirmed and will likely replace TouchID
  • New Wallpapers, at last I hear you say.  Most people use there own photos as wallpapers but I have always been a fan of the Apple ones however they have not updated these in a long time..... however a number of sources are sharing pictures of some great looking wallpapers.... including these retro ones
  • Mostly when I talk about these updates at home, I just get an eye roll from the little geek or Ashleigh, but I actually think they will really like these new animated 3d versions of the popular emojis!
  • The new Apple Watch including LTE (mobile signal) appears to be confirmed with the sharing of a new control centre image with a new mobile signal image.
  • Finally it looks like the designs shown above a pretty much confirmed with a picture of the 'notched' OLED iPhone appearing on this screen.