Staying connected whilst travelling!

I guess I should start this post with an apology..... if you follow me on Instagram then you wouldn't have been able to miss the spam of pictures, videos and stories I shared for which I am sorry, but we had a really good time! 

We had a great week down in Pembrokeshire It is a place that I have been to with the family many times, mainly due to the fact that the wife has family down there and we are very lucky that her Nan is more than welcome for us to stay with her!

Being nearly 80 her Nan has very little call for an internet connection or Wi-Fi although I would love the teenager to go a week without access to the internet, I know I would hate it just as much as she would! Luckily, thanks for to Three they loaned me a 4G Mobile Wi-Fi unit! 

This would enable the teen to still use her Wi-Fi only iPad without the need to tether it to her phone and use up all the data on that! It also meant I could also connect my iPad Pro and Macbook Pro and back up pictures whilst away! 

I have never used a Mobile Wi-Fi unit before, of course I wouldn't really be a geek if I had not tethered devices to my phone before but the downside to doing this is it quickly drains the battery especially when using the phone to snap pictures etc so hopefully this Mobile Wi-Fi would be a welcome addition.

I was surprised to see the unit can handle up to 10 devices being connected to it at once although we only had 4 connected at any one time! The speed was very good as well, easily capable of handling both the teen and myself streaming Netflix whilst also uploading stories / watching stuff on social media (as you do!).

Battery life on it was pretty impressive and survived the journey from Essex to Pembrokeshire without the need to recharge it and kept the teen very happy on her iPad!  I think this device is going to be added to the Geek Armoury of travel tech! 

Did I mention how small it is?  It is tiny! 

Incase you are interested here are a few pictures from our week in Pembrokeshire