#MYSUNDAYPHOTO - Typical January

So it has been back to work for me this week, that has mean't the travelling about the place has started again fro 2018. Although I am not going to grumble, 2018 has treated me very well so far, in that my Dad gave me his old iMac (old as in about a year....bonus!!) and I have ordered a new car, which I left stupidly late.  Due to the miles I do I lease my cars and my current one is going back on 19th January and until Friday I hadn't sorted a new one! 

But all of this has meant that the opportunity to get out and take some photos has been some what limited.  The weather this time of year is pretty drab!  The sun if it is not blocked by cloud is only out for a few hours, usually when I am working.   I made myself a promise to get out with my actual camera more this year rather than the iPhone X but have failed to even charge the batteries for it yet! 

So here is the only photo I have managed to grab that is even potentially worth showing, unless you want a pic of the daughters foot that was operated on just before Christmas (trust me you don't!).


I think it sums up pretty well this year so far weather wise..... well for us in Essex anyway! 

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