Dear Mr Levy.....

I very very rarely talk about football on my blog, in fact I don’t think I have ever spoken about Tottenham on the blog. 

That is not to say I hadn’t planned to, but the plan was to have a nice blog post up about the new Tottenham stadium and how much I love it!

We couldn’t be further from the truth at this stage! I am so disgruntled with the club at the moment, I was going to post a listing  of the reasons…. well I am still going to do that but (kind of), instead I will address it as a letter to Daniel Levy, Chairman of Tottenham Hotspur.

Dear Mr Levy,

No doubt you are sick to death of talking about the new Tottenham Stadium, I can totally relate to this as a supporter!

Imagine the excitement we went through last season, with the promise of a this NEW World-Famous Home of the spurs!

The promise of a stadium offering each and every fan an exceptional match day experience, but oh no even when opening the sales phases in March it must have been clear that the stadium would not be ready, yet the club continued to raise false hope of a return to the new stadium in September!   

Instead we are faced with the slog to Wembley or even Milton Keynes for home games, the added expense for some of us to get to Wembley and then to be burdened with the added administration, having to constantly apply for tickets to games which we had already thought were sorted in the new stadium, then have to apply for a refund of a portion of our season ticket, and  then face with having to pay more for games is a real smack in the face.

Even when the supporters trust (THST) raised concerns with you about the Man City game being a Cat A game you agreed to back down for this one but again the Chelsea game is priced at Cat A meaning many fans will have to pay more to watch Spurs!

I can’t help but feel that fans are more of an inconvenience in the whole situation and we are an after thought as far as the club is concerned.

Numerous season ticket holders have expressed how bitter they are feeling towards the club, we must all be crazy because many of us turn up time and time again to cheers on our beloved Tottenham, where have you been during all of this?  Hiding up in your directors box never willing to come on the pitch to explain your actions to the supporters!

My concern is that a lot of supporters especially those first time season ticket holders will be feeling more aggrieved than us long term supporters.

I know that you will never ever read this or probably even care !

Yours truly

John Roberts

Previously of the Shelf side!

You may understand from the above how aggrieved I am currently feeling about football, many a fan no longer go because they have either been priced out of the game or got fed up with the antics of clubs long ago!

I am truly concerned about the future of clubs like Tottenham, less and less is about the fans or even the football, it is about revenue and how much money the club can make!  With the recent tragic death of the Leicester City Chairman it is glad to see that some clubs out there are looking after their supporter base, but when a club gets to a certain size, it seems to matter less and less and but my question is do I want to go on supporting a club like that!

Tottenham is an institution within my family, we have deep roots to the club and it honestly hurts to see the way us fans are being treated.

I am only one voice but can guarantee that these thoughts are being echoed thousands of times in other Tottenham families!