February Playlist


If you read my post from the beginning of January where I spoke about music being my happy place I floated the idea of sharing a playlist each month.

Over January I have been creating a small list of some of the songs that I have enjoyed.  There is no scientific method as to how I went about listing these, 

it was a simple as a programme I may have been watching, for this song below, I wouldn't say it is the typical song I would go for but there is just something about it as for the Netflix series if you haven't see it then I highly recommend it!! 



a track somebody shared on their instagram story, which I haven't heard for such a long time, in the case of Incredible below I am looking at London Dad who shared this song on his story and resulted in me having a one man mini rave at my desk! 


If I am honest this is next song is one of those that has been overplayed in our house, my car and especially on Little Geeks iPhone.  She has seen the film twice and addicted to the soundtrack ever since! No denying it is a great film but I am nearly..... nearly done with the soundtrack but the songs just get you (well if you are a secret musical fan!)


Final song off the playlist that I will highlight is the new one from Justin Timberlake, I heard it when it first come out and quickly ignored it thinking it was rubbish, then on a recent trip with my eldest, Ashleigh, who promptly informed me that the song needed to be listened to very loud and then you would get it..... any you know what she was right.... but I can still only listen to it loud! Very much an ear worm as well so apologies for that! 


The full list of songs are here, if you are not a Spotify user sorry about that, this isn't a sponsored post either!  If you wanna send me some songs you are listening to during February that could make it onto the playlist for March then feel free to get in touch on Twitter or Instagram