Well what a week it has been!  Spent Monday to Friday down in Devon!

More on that to come, however I some how managed to tweak my back whilst packing up the car for the return journey! 

I took somewhere in the region of 500 photo's on my camera (Dad's Olympus!) and many many more on the iPhone, but I due to this stupid back I have yet had the time to go through them and select some to pull together in a post.

If you are one of my amazing followers on instagram, you may have seen the photo I put up of our trip to Clovelly (more to come on that!) or the video of the very rough see we witnessed down at Ilfracombe! But I could not ignore #MySundayPhoto

So first some background, this picture was taken on Thursday night, a quick walk along the beach at Woolacombe and I found an awesome place to sit and watch the sunset!  The tide was just about to reach its peak high and unfortunately some cloud rolled in just at sunset that ruined it being a perfect sunset but I think you will agree it was still pretty special!


I promise to do a more comprehensive post on the trip to Devon, where we went, what we liked and also what we didn't! 

I would love your feedback on the picture, like it???  

Anyway! Catch up with you all soon!