#MYSUNDAYPHOTO - Get outside


It’s typical bank holiday whether isn’t it, we are one of the lucky ones that won’t be getting any of the really horrid weather but it’s still not great.

With it being Easter it was a great chance to catch up with my godson and his family! This involved a nice stroll into the Essex countryside!  The boys did what boys do best and that was get really really muddy! 

I don’t have any detailed pictures but managed to grab this photo of the boys whilst climbing on a hay bale!   

Whilst out for the walk, a public footpath took us through a farm and we managed to make some new friends, they were very nervous at first but, typically they are very inquisitive animals and couldn’t resist having a nose at us. 

I tried to grab a photo of the steam train as it came over the railway bridge but I was to busy grabbing an Instagram story 😁 if you want to check this out then I have saved the very brief glimpse in the local highlight on my feed.