Are you listening to these Podcasts??

I have shared podcasts on here previously that I enjoy listening to, but it has been a while since I last did an update post! 

Some of you know or will have got the gist if you follow me on Instagram that I do a reasonable amount of driving for my job and between audible and podcasts I get through it! If there is any interest in the book Is listen to then perhaps that can be another post, but for now I want to focus on the podcasts I have been listening to lately.

They don't all follow a theme and are a mix of genre but variety is good don't you think?

First up, I have to recommend a relatively recent podcast, started earlier this month, it is called Man Talk.  Hosted by fellow blogger Jamie Day, more commonly known on social media as A Day In The Life Dad, or you may read The FMLY Man, a blogline which Jamie is also the editor of! 

As if Jamie wasn't busy enough, this podcast adds to the list and it is an honest refreshing listen.  The theme of the podcast is men's mental health, with the aim of tackling mental health, normalising the conversation and this podcast does just that.

At the time of writing I have listened to the first few episodes, with episode 1 just being Jamie, I say just but this starts of the trend of this podcast.  Normal Men talking about their experience of mental health.  Jamie's first episode is brave and brutally honest!  Me describing this will not do it justice, I highly recommend you go and have a listen! 

Next up is Table Manners with Jessie Ware, I have to say this podcast is full of the lol's, here you will find Jessie Ware (a Singer by day if you haven't heard of her) presenting a podcast with her mum Lennie.  They invite guests over for dinner and talk about all kinds of things not just food!   With the guests usually being from the world of Music, Culture or Politics.  The guests really are a variety, from the likes of Ralf Little, Ed Sheeran and Sandi Toksvig.  The podcast has just finished its second series so plenty for you to listen to and enjoy.

Warning that there is a fare amount of swearing in this one, so not one to listen to when little one's are about or if swearing offends you.  It offers a great insight into the world of the guests, but more into the world of Jessie and the brilliant relationship between her and her mother.  I am hoping that this will return for a third season.

Similar to the above but without the food talk! This is George Ezra and Friends, yes another singer doing a podcast.  George discovered a love for listening to podcasts during writing his second album, most of them comedians talking to other comedians but was unable to find something similar for musicians hence the start of the podcast.  The first series has finished and really is a fascinating insight into the world of some great musicians, I particularly liked the Elton John episode and was fascinated by some of his routines.

George catches up with guests wherever he can, be it in hotel rooms, the artists house or back stage before a gig.

Finally for this podcast catch up post, I recommend an interesting podcast from someone that I have been a fan of for many years, that being Casey Neistat, now if you aren't aware of Casey's work then you clearly don't use YouTube much!  Casey has taken a step away from vlogging or his new 368 project once a week to record Couples Therapy with Candice and Casey.  Candice is Casey's wife, she runs her own business Billy! a jewellery design business.

It is an honest listen to the ups and downs of their married life, I would love to get Mel to do something very similar but never ever would she be willing to do that ha ha.

The podcast meanders of topic every now and then but is thoroughly entertaining throughout! The post the podcast with a company call Anchor, which I want to look into as it is a really interesting idea.  If you have the app then you can submit audio questions to the podcast via the app which adds an interesting dynamic to this podcast! 

Well that is it for my round up, I am always on the look out for more podcasts so feel free to leave any recommendations below for me and other people to see! 

Until the next time!