You know about IGTV right?

In case you havent seen todays announcement from Instagram, they have launched Instagram TV or IGTV for short.

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

They are calling it their most exciting feature to date! IGTV  is a new app for watching long-form ie longer than the short clips stories already offers.

The videos will not be like YouTube yet and will remain in the vertical video format but now enables content creators to provide you with longer video content!  With this announcement comes a stand-alone IGTV app, you will also apparently be able to watch these videos from within the native instagram app.

So the real big difference with IGTV is that videos won't be limited to one minute, instead they can now be up to an hour long..... imagine how much time you could lose flicking through instagram now!

One feature which I know is going to annoy me is that with IGTV the videos start playing as soon as you open the app!   When you download the app you will already see people on your feed that you already follow on the original app but can swipe to discover more! 

It is early days yet but this looks like Instagrams move to challenge other networks  but especially the YouTube community!