Planning a New York City Trip!

Hello! Sorry it has been a while, Christmas and New Year where a busy one, but here we are a new year and unfortunately for you the same me!

OverProject 6.png

I will update the blog as and when I can around work and life etc (You know how it is!)

But….. This year is a big year for travel for the geek family!

It starts with myself and the wife going away in March to celebrate a big birthday for her……. the big 40! we are going to New York for the first time ever!

We are going with a couple of friends who have been many times, so will be like having our own tour guides, but we want to be prepared for the trip and make the most of the 5 days we have there so are planning early(ish)!!

As they say, New York is the city that never sleeps and I have plans to see as much as possible, but I am late to the New York game!

There is so much that I want to see and do, but fear I won’t be able to fit it all in as no doubt we will be planning a return trip.

We have already been thinking about places we want to go and and what we want to see! But being such a huge place its impossible to think of everything but some of them are:

I have a number of lists going (lists are great arent they!) covering off things like recommended places to eat, things to see and experience BUT! If you have been to New York before then you might be able to help with this planning! There is nothing like a bit of crowd sourcing for some knowledge!

So the big questions is where have you been etc but

What one place would you recommend we go and see?

I look forward to reading your responses hopefully and adding them in to my little black book! No not for phone numbers, I picked up this handy book from Moleskine that has maps of New York and lets you make lists, just wish they did them for Canada!