Have you updated your iPhone to iOS 13 yet?

The title of this post is a common question I ask the family in the days / weeks and sometimes months after Apple launch their update to the iPhone iOS software.

Not only is it good practice to do so as usually includes vital security updates but some Apps can sometimes stop working or become really slow if you do not, but more importantly I can’t deal with the moaning from the family that their phone is crap or not working and usually because of this exact reason!

Now with iOS13 there are a number of new features that are worth looking our for when or if you have already updated. One of the biggest and probably the one you might not have seen much about is privacy! About 6 Months ago, Apple started to make a big thing about privacy and protection your phone, taking out billboards and adverts dedicated to the subject, if you missed here hear is one of them

Improved Location Controls

This is one notification that most people don’t even think twice about and just tick allow (or something similar) but when you first update to iOS13 the new Location Controls will become more obvious and worth taking time to read. Apple now gives you more control over how apps are able to access your current locations. As well as still being apple to grant an app permission to your location all the time, or only when the app is running you are now able to select temporary or as they are calling it Allow Once. This means each time you open the app it will ask you again.yss

You will also get occasional pop up reminders of what apps settings are and also a visual to see more of the data that the app is actually logging. If you weren’t aware or don’t agree to it then you are able to change the access from the reminder as well as at any time in the settings menu.

Remove App Bluetooth Access

I will hold my hands up here, this is one I have never really thought about and one you need to be aware off. When I installed iOS13 I had a number of apps suddenly asking for permission to transmit data over Bluetooth. Why I hear you ask? Well this is commonly a way for apps to track where you are usually via the use of a Bluetooth Beacon, often found in stores or other public locations. I had to ask myself why facebook would need access to my bluetooth, in short they don’t so I removed access, facebook app had no noticeable difference in how the app worked, no lose of connections to the car or my Bose headphones so all good.

Find My App

If you are new to iPhone then this will just be an app you need to be aware of but if like me you are an iPhone old timer then this is the new app that has combined both ‘Find My Friends’ and ‘Find my iPhone’.

This app is really handy, it enables you to keep track of both your friends/family who are sharing their location with you and all of your Apple Devices (including those in your iCloud family group) in one places. More often than not I use it to help the teenager find her phone or my iPad on a Monday morning after misplacing at the weekend. As well as the usually features from the previous two apps, it also has a new way to find devices not connected to a data connection (bluetooth or Wifi). Apple state that this works via a very low-power bluetooth signal transmitted by your lost device….. I wonder if it can find my lost airpods (I will report back). When this option is selected Apple will create an anonymous, invisible and secure scouting network from all the other devices, if any of these devices detects your device you will get an update as to where it is.

Sign in with Apple

Like Facebook and Google before them you will now be able to sign in to websites with your Apple ID, there will be no filling out forms or creating new passwords, it will be. as simple as tapping Sign in with Apple and Face ID or Touch ID will be used for confirmation. Only your name and email address will be shared with the website or apple can create a unique email address that forwards to your Apple ID email address, a big advantage is that Apple state they will not track your activity.

Some other iOS13 updates….

Dark Mode

Something that I think has been missing from Apples OS for a while, no doubt a number of relationships will be saved now as when you take a sneaky look at your phone whilst in bed you won’t light up the bedroom like Blackpool illuminations! Not only that it is designed to make the screen easier on your eyes and is integrated across the system.


When you update you will notice that the Photos app has had a pretty major overhaul. Like many apple users nearly every photo I have taken is on my apple photos, I keep this as a central back up for a lot of photos, mainly due to the seamless way apple sync this across devices. It has been a bit difficult to navigate and find photos but with this update its about to become a whole lot easier. It will automatically improve the memories it shows you through machine learning intelligently hiding similar images, one nice little touch is the introduction of Live Photos and videos to Photos so you will see them auto play whilst scrolling through your library.

Editing tools

I am pleased to say that Apple has finally introduced improved editing tools for photos and finally video! The editing functions available are those that you would expect from a decent photo app and something I think has been lacking of late!


A fun little part of the Apple iOS I like is my Memoji, yes that’s a version of me below and you will be able to edit and create your own if you haven’t already and can now use them as stickers in other apps like WhatsApp and iMessage.

There is more…

There is a lot more and to much to summarise in this post, you can check out all the details on the Apple website here, or if you would prefer a visual look have a look at this excellent video from YouTuber Sam Sheffer