I have a second home and many of you will probably know that is my beloved Spurs, despite what many will try to make you believe, this has been a very successful season for us!  I have been going to Spurs now for what must be nearly 20 years and I have my dad to thank for this!  Not only for taking me since a young boy with my sister, but for getting my season ticket for me to start with (and pretty much every year since!)

We are in the process of building a new stadium which I am looking forward to very much, I have many pictures of the ground but I have very few of me and my dad at the ground, no matter how old I get I will always love going to football with him and now I have a picture of both of us, usually he just wants to get to his seat and have his coffee! 

Yes before you say it I know we look alike!

Yes before you say it I know we look alike!


Father and daughter time!

Father and daughter time!

I love it when a little plan comes together! 

The bank holiday presented an opportunity for me and little geek to go to Wales and spend some quality father and daughter time, it used to be father and daughters time but the teen ....... oh hang on she is 20 now I cant call her that! (any suggestions for nick names....??) as I was saying the teen used to come with us but that is boring these days! 

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Making your Mac safer for children...

I recently attended a chat with Mediocre Mum and Tony Anscombe from AVG, this was generally about how our children interact with the internet, as well as how to keep them save when online.

Now recently the 9 year old was lucky enough to get an iPad for Christmas, and the teenager has had a mobile phone for a few years.  It certainly did make me think about how they use their devices and what they have access to.  

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Is this the future of parenting?

You may have seen my previous post about my first piece of wearable tech, however listening to the recent guardian tech weekly podcast, could your kids soon be wearing some tech to help you track them?

Anyone with a smart phone can already track friends (with their permission) with certain apps, for example Find Friends on the iPhone.  

However would you go a stage further and get your child to wear a watch size device that enables them to be tracked and contacted if need be?

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My pancakes tip

This is a quick post showing how I use an old ketchup bottle to store the pancake mix once made.

I can't remember where I originally came across this idea but it really helps store the mix once made if you are not going to use it all at once, and its a very easy way to cook the pancakes especially if you want your children to cook them with you!

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Trouble getting your kids to brush their teeth?

As with most parents sometimes it is a battle to get the 9 year old to brush her teeth.

She is usually pretty good, however when she is tired etc it is often a battle! Now as you will know if you listened to my previous blog post, she received a lovely new iPad Mini for christmas.  Whilst setting up this iPad and making sure the app store was working correctly, I noticed this lovely little app called Aquafresh Brush Time.

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Audioboo: Catch Up with the kids

As I mentioned in a previous post, we recently rediscovered the Audioboo app, and I have decided to start using  this again.

Rather than just me recording random sounds or my useless rambling a I thought it would be good to have regular catch ups with both my daughters, ages 9 and 17 (17 year old no so keen). 

So here is part one, and hopefully this will build into a nice audio diary that we can listen back to in years to come.

After we finished recording this, Katy had watery eyes and looked me dead in the eye and said 

"Daddy I don't want to grow up"  to say I had a lump in my throat would be an understatement! 

Your thoughts as ever would be much appreciated!