On the Apple News app?

On the Apple News app?

This post might get a little geeky so don't let it put you off! 

I know from analytic stats on the blog that a large number of you read the blog on a mobile or tablet, and of those (75%) are reading iOS (Apple's mobile operating system), with the release of iOS 9 Apple introduced the News app, if you haven't checked it out then I recommend it its very good! 

In March, Apple opened up the app so that anyone can publish to the News App including bloggers.  I use

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Beginners guide to Snapchat!

Beginners guide to Snapchat!

This weekend I went to BritMums or #BML16 as they called it this year! A couple of people see me snapchatting and were confused about where to even start.

Snapchat has to be one of the fastest growing social networks around (I have no evidence to prove this but take my word for it), I get why, it is not just for the youth to share naked pictures of themselves on (it got some bad press about this at the beginning),  but has

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Set up your Twitter alerts now!

With the tragic news coming out of Brussels today of another terrorist attack, I wanted to share a quick little tip, in the event you find yourself in the vicinity of an attack or some other emergency, getting access to credible organisations can make a big difference.



You may or may not have heard of Twitter alerts but more UK based accounts now have this function activated on their profiles.  Most UK Police Forces, Fire Services and Ambulance have this function on their profile and it simple to setup up, you  just click the button and its done! 

If you sign up to receive an account's Twitter Alerts, you will receive a notification directly to your phone whenever that account marks a Tweet as an alert.

Notifications are delivered via SMS, and if you use Twitter for iPhone or Twitter for Android, you’ll also receive a push notification. Alerts also appear differently on your home timeline from regular Tweets; they will be indicated with an orange bell.

I urge you now to set this up on your phone or your children's phone (if they are old enough to be on twitter) to help provide them with information in the event of an emergency! 

Please share this post with friends to spread the word! 

It goes without saying that our thought's go out to all those impacted by this attack, and our thoughts are with the families and friends of all the victims! 

Making your Mac safer for children...

I recently attended a chat with Mediocre Mum and Tony Anscombe from AVG, this was generally about how our children interact with the internet, as well as how to keep them save when online.

Now recently the 9 year old was lucky enough to get an iPad for Christmas, and the teenager has had a mobile phone for a few years.  It certainly did make me think about how they use their devices and what they have access to.  

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My pancakes tip

This is a quick post showing how I use an old ketchup bottle to store the pancake mix once made.

I can't remember where I originally came across this idea but it really helps store the mix once made if you are not going to use it all at once, and its a very easy way to cook the pancakes especially if you want your children to cook them with you!

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Trouble getting your kids to brush their teeth?

As with most parents sometimes it is a battle to get the 9 year old to brush her teeth.

She is usually pretty good, however when she is tired etc it is often a battle! Now as you will know if you listened to my previous blog post, she received a lovely new iPad Mini for christmas.  Whilst setting up this iPad and making sure the app store was working correctly, I noticed this lovely little app called Aquafresh Brush Time.

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Striving to improve my productivity at home and work

Like a lot of blokes I have a really good memory (for 5 mins after I am told to do or about something) or I file and email in a really sensible place, which turns out not to be so sensible when I try to find it again.  

I have been looking at a couple of options recently to help me improve my productivity (both at home and work), and I am so glad that I have found the site IFTTT or if this then that.

Taken from the IFTTT about page

Taken from the IFTTT about page

It sounds complicated when you first look at it but once you understand how recipes work it is brilliant and there are so many possibilities.

I have started using this in a couple of different ways:

  • Integrated with my Gmail with Evernote:  As a school governor I get a lot of emails that I need to refer to at a later date, now when I file emails into a certain folder they are automatically added to a notebook within Evernote
  • I use an app on my phone called Pushover (a simple notification app for both iOS / Android), this also sends notifications through to my Pebble watch, but with IFTTT each morning I get a notification of what the weather is going to be like,  you can choose the time of the notification, the area the forecast is for etc
  • Being an avid Spurs fan I like to keep ahead up to date on Spurs news, I there fore get an email every time there is an update on the BBC Sport Spurs RSS feed (of course this can be used for any RSS feed), I will no doubt be adding more notifications like this.

The above are just a few ideas of what I use IFTTT for but thought I would share this great site.  

One feature that isn't currently working in the UK due to a network issue is notifications via SMS.  This used to work but for some reason it has stopped working on a number of networks so give it a go, it has been reported to the site but no change likely any time soon.

Not sure if this is old news to a lot of you, if so how do you use it?

Also would love to hear other ways you help productivity etc