New Years resolutions??

So as another year comes to end, no doubt you are considering what has gone well, what has not gone so well and probably a new years resolution or two.  I myself have considered all three of these points:

  • Work - for me this has gone well, won't go into to much detail here as I don't think this is the place for that
  • The wife's health- for the best part of 6 months this year Mel was suffering with a digestion disorder which seemed to take an age for them to diagnose but hopefully this is now in order and 2014 will be better for her! 

Now as for New Year Resolutions, I am not making one this year, mainly because I don't want to sit her this time next year putting this as something that has not gone so well, I am however going to improve on a number of areas, not just for the year but hopefully permanent life changes:

  • The first is exercise, during 2013 this was going well until my leg started playing up again, so I am going to take things more gradually this year, starting with walking with the occasional jog, and riding my mountain bike more.
  • The second is to record conversations with both of my girls, now I used to do this a lot but for one reason or the other I stopped doing this, probably due to time but I once again logged in to my audioboo account and enjoyed listening back to some of the conversation we had.
  • Of course the final one will be to blog more often... hence why I have started a fresh with what you hopefully agree is a nice clean and simple blog.

Now I know the above sound a bit like resolutions but the idea is that these will last longer than just a year.

Now my question to you, are you making any changes or resolutions for the new year?  if so what are they and do you plan on tracking them?