#MYSUNDAYPHOTO - Typical January

#MYSUNDAYPHOTO - Typical January

So it has been back to work for me this week, that has mean't the travelling about the place has started again fro 2018. Although I am not going to grumble, 2018 has treated me very well so far, in that my Dad gave me his old iMac (old as in about a year....bonus!!) and I have ordered a new car, which I left stupidly late.  Due to the miles I do I lease my cars and my current one is going back on 19th January and until Friday I hadn't sorted a new one! 

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#MYSUNDAYPHOTO - Lovely day for a walk

The cold weather has gone for now and been replaced by some nice sunshine, well it had yesterday!  

With my new job we are given a Fitbit and I am trying as much as possible to get my steps up to the 10,000 a day target!  When working from home trust me this is sometimes a challenge and takes planning! 

I intend therefore to make the most of my weekends! Yesterday I didnt manage to hit my 10,000 but not far off, but due to a little diversion on the way to pick my dad up for football I managed to grab this lovely picture!  

It's an area outside Stevenage called Bennington with a number of public footpaths which I want to explore! 




It's that time of year when the tree needs to go up, we don't subscribe to the convention of putting the tree up 12 days before Christmas! It usually tends to go up on or around the 1st December.  I therefore thought it would be fitting to make my first #MYSUNDAYPHOTO of December a festive one.  I'm also guessing that a number of fellow bloggers will show a picture of The Christmas Tree itself but I've gone for this shot!  



If I don't speak to you before Christmas, have a good one all!! 

#MYSUNDAYPHOTO - Finding Little Geek

Hello from Gran Canaria, upsetting to say we are on the final few days now of our holiday but it has been brilliant!

Its always nice to get away for your birthday, even nicer when you are somewhere sunny and hot! On Friday we went out on a boat and went swimming in the sea with Little Geek!  After a bit of hesitation she was jumping off the back of the boat and having fun.

Mel managed to grab this photo of the two of us, which will bring back many happy memories in years to come  


#MYSUNDAYPHOTO: Exhibitionism

I really haven't taken many pictures this week so am cheekily going to use a photo from last weekend.

For Fathers Day this year I got my dad tickets to go and see an exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery by one of his all time favourite bands, The Rolling Stones!  We had a great time and this is only on until early September and highly recommend you go.

This is my photo for this week, it will hold many memories for me, as we were walking around my dad was retelling stories of his youth it was great to see and hear as well as find out more about the band! 

I also pulled this video together, not sure if it will be able to stay on YouTube for long as I have borrowed a Rolling Stones track.





#MYSUNDAYPHOTO - Berwick St Market

#MYSUNDAYPHOTO - Berwick St Market

Despite having a couple of DSLR my go to camera when I am out and about is still my iPhone 6s and no doubt this is the same for many!  I have been wanting to go to London this summer late at night and do a photo walk around the city and grab some of the amazing views it has to offer.  

During the week I often find myself in London and it is not appropriate for me to carry my DSLR around with me hence why I like to grab a quick picture whilst walking between meetings and grabbing an image of London life.

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