The camping goal takes a step closer

The camping goal takes a step closer

I posted this blog post a few weeks ago about having a family goal to go camping! 

I was hesitant at first, the teenager out right said she would never go (That was not a surprise), the little geek was excited and Mel was well..... hesitant! 

I had worked out a list of what we would need then gulped massively! It wasn't going to be cheap!  The list stayed where it was, safely tucked away in my evernote! 

Then I got a massive and generous surprise from the parents!  They offered to take me on a little shopping trip to pick up some camping supplies!  I was very excited, crossing a few things off the list would be fantastic, little did I know that my parents would help me cross off some of the fundamentals such as a tent, camp beds, table, gas cooker and sleeping bags!! 

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