I am addicted to this iPhone Game: Shooty Skies

I will start out by stating that I am not really a big game player on my iPhone, mainly because in the past I have gone for the 16gb iPhones, which was always a mistake as I the phone was always full.

Now I have a 64gb 6S i decided to have a look at the games on the app store.  In the past I was addicted to Crossy Road, which was a simple but brilliant game, very simple but the good ones always are! 

The folks over at Mighty Games have been at it again, this time with Shooty Skies.   A simple shoot em up game where you fly different characters through levels seeing how long you can survive before one of the bad guys hits you with one of the many different items they fire at you.

Have a quick look at this video of me playing it recently.... I am not that bad am I?

Anyway this is a great free game for you or your kids, I would warn you though that there are plenty of options within the game to make in app purchases, you cannot blame developers for making the games this way as they need to pay the bills but just be careful of kids being let loose especially if they know your password (which they shouldn't).

What games are you playing...... I would love to know now I have plenty of room to fill my iPhone up! 

Disclaimer: This is not a paid for review or a promoted one at that, just a simple honest review of a game I like!