Rockface for Men - Review

Rockface for Men - Review

So recently the folks at Rockface asked if I would like to try out some of the Rockface for Men range, being a man that likes to look after his skin (nothing wrong with being a modern man lets get that straight now!) I certainly wasn't going to say no.

I thought they might send me a couple of items from the range, but to my surprise a huge box turned up with nearly the full range of items.  Have to admit with the travel that I do with work it was welcome to be able refresh the toiletries bag.

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Inkly App: Perfect for those who are not organised like me!

I am far from the most organised person out there, I am slowly getting better though!  Be it with planning blog posts or letting the wife know where in the country I am with work and not tell her that morning that I won't be home until the next day! 

One thing I am rubbish at is present buying, I am even worse at cards!  I sometimes remember when I have to buy them and who I have to get them for but for some reason I often forget a couple!   

Yes alright I know you can buy cards online and have them sent directly, but its so blatantly clear that you have done that and it doesn't feel like personnel enough for me!  I might as well just send an email with a picture saying "Happy Birthday" or whatever occasion its for! 

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Let's talk about Netflix....

So 18 months or so ago, I got the excellent gift of Apple TV... I was over the moon, but one little gem I wasn't expecting to love at the same time was Netflix....

The built in app was a god send that led me to signing up to the 30 days free trial!  

Now to be honest I didn't have much time to use it during that month so didn't renew initially!  Then I read an article about the TV series Damages and wanted to watch it! This was my queue to return to Netflix and sign up, as I don't really want to clutter up the place with any more DVD's.

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The future of news? My thoughts on Yahoo News Digest

When was the last time you picked up a news paper?

Years ago this used to be a daily event for many, I used to include myself in that but as the internet and smart phones took hold the need and access to instant news information kind of made the newspapers redundant for me.  I still like to buy the paper on occasions at the weekend for feature articles but not usually during the week.

For years now my main source for news stories has been Twitter for breaking news, and then the news websites for updates etc.  I know some people don't like the news as they think its full of doom and gloom but I love to keep up to date with current affairs, and Yahoo recently launched the newly badged summly, Yahoo News Digest.

At first I thought this is likely to be just another news app which will not offer me anything different than the rest, I was wrong.

For me this is brilliant, the app highlights the top news stories twice a day on the app, listening to Nick D'Aloisio describe the app during a recent Guardian tech podcast has convinced me that this will have more to come as well.  

The app uses built in algorithms as well as editors picking the stories and delivering them to you twice a day through the beautifully designed app.... clearly using the same team who designed the excellent Yahoo weather app.

Each story comes with different atoms (as they call them) that go more in-depth than you can get on social media but presented in an excellent way, you have expanded text as well as images and video all pulled from a variety of sources.

If you have not used it yet go and have a look, and think like me you will understand why this is creeping up the charts in the app store (currently no 4 at time of writing).

Unfortunately currently this is only available on iOS.