Planning a New York City Trip!

Planning a New York City Trip!

Hello! Sorry it has been a while, Christmas and New Year where a busy one, but here we are a new year and unfortunately for you the same me!

I will update the blog as and when I can around work and life etc (You know how it is!) But….. This year is a big year for travel for the geek family!

It starts with myself and the wife going away in March to celebrate a big birthday for her……. the big 40!

We are going with a couple of friends who have been many times, so will be like having our own tour guides, but we want to be prepared for the trip and make the most of the 5 days we have there so are planning early(ish)!!

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How to see Kos in a day!

How to see Kos in a day!

Holidays are so important to us as a family (as they probably are to you as well), we all work hard, be it at school or work and we all look forward to the big summer holiday! 

The past few years have involved a trip to the Spanish mainland, a Canary or Balearic Island, as much as we like them we did start to get bored of these and fancied something different.  This year we went to Kos!  We mainly chose Kos because of it's pretty much guaranteed sunshine in August, as well as good food and awesome sea! 

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Preparing for our road trip to Disneyland Paris

Next month will see our first family holiday in over 3 years.  We are all booked up to visit Disneyland Paris at the end of October to celebrate Little Geek's 13th Birthday, which will be when we are there! 


We planned on turning up at the Euro Tunnel and surprising her as to where we were going, but as so much planning is likely to be needed we decided to tell her recently and include her in the plans, that way she won't miss out on anything we might forget etc

Booking the trip earlier this year I totally underestimated how much prepping is going to be required to ensure we are ready for this trip.

I have actually had to get a notebook and make a numerous lists of things we still need to sort before we go and they include:

  • Making the car ready for the continent
  • Planning our route
  • Ensuring Passports are all up to date (can you believe mine had expired!)
  • Booking restaurants for the duration of the trip.  Luckily when we booked we got a deal including half board and the helpful people at Disney recommend that we book our restaurants ahead of time, something we probably wouldn't have even thought of!
  • Preparing my legs, having a bit of a dodgy left leg I need to get this ready for walking serious distances each day! 
  • Lists..... making lists of what we want to see / do over the 4 days we are there! 

There is much more that needs planning, I have yet to even think about clothes, What is the weather going to be like at the end of October in Paris?

As it is going to be the Little Geeks 13th Birthday on the Saturday, we have been wondering what can we do to make this day extra special?  We have looked at the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show but not sure if she will like this (If anyone has been let me know what you thought!), but what else should we do! More research is required I think.

For now I am going back to researching restaurants, at least 2 fussy eaters out of the 5 of us! 

Oh and settings a reminder in my calendar to get he car serviced before we go! But if there are any seasoned Disneyland Paris travellers out there, be sure to get in touch with all your tips!! 



First Time Camping!

First Time Camping!

I am pleased to say we survived our first camping trip! 

To give you some background, the missus went once or twice when she was a kid, I used to camp a lot and set a goal to go as a family more often! 

We recently got a tent etc (thanks Mum & Dad) since setting this goal and this weekend was the first opportunity to go, we asked friends and family for some suggestions of where to go, we want to stay local in case Mel really didn't like it and wanted to go home!   We looked a at a couple of places but they were fully booked but luckily my Aunt Jane (for the record she is one amazing lady!) recommended Henlow Bridge Lakes.

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Visiting Pembrokeshire.....

As the title suggest, this year at some point we will no doubt be visiting Pembrokeshire!  This is something that I have done many times over the years.   If you will let me rewind for a moment and tell you a little story! 

Back in October 2000, I met a lovely girl called Mel, I thought she was from Essex as that was where she lived and where we had our first date, we started to see each other.... a lot (perhaps to much for the start of a relationship!) but I can honestly say we fell in love very quickly!   One thing I quickly found out was Mel was not from Essex originally but from a little town in Pembrokeshire in South West Wales.  I had never visited there and was intrigued! 

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I have a family goal...

Ok from the start lets get one thing clear... In this instance the family is excluding the teenager as I have no hope in hell of getting her to join in with this goal!  

The goal is to go camping and eventually buy a tent.... Yes doesn't sound like much of a goal but it's a step in the right direction.

Let me give this a little context! As a child I was very very lucky to travel a fair amount, mainly down to the fact that we had a caravan and would travel all over the UK and parts of Europe! 

Credit:  Gopal Vijayaraghavan  / Flickr

Credit: Gopal Vijayaraghavan / Flickr

Now I don't want a caravan, I would love a camper van but funds would never stretch to that so a great alternative is the tent!  It's a cheap and effective way to get away for weekends and short breaks as a family and spend some time together!  

My plan is once we have the tent (plus a load of kit) to start exploring the UK initially and show the good wife how much fun it can be!  She is used to the finer things in life and can't think of anything worse than a sleeping bag and not a proper bed! 

 The UK is a fantastic country and I have not explored it enough in recent years!! I also feel that we have this great country and its a crime not to explore it more! 

Now what I want to know is how can I get the family as excited for it as I am??

What tips would you give to newbie campers?? 

If I succeed in my goal I will share my how we get on and hopefully build up a guide for new  wanna be campers!! 

Hopefully it won't turn out like a new episode of carry on camping!