Can we be serious for a second?

Not my normal blog post I have to admit, but this is something that is never far in my thoughts, and I warn you this blog is about to take on a slightly serious tone!!! 

I was getting ready to leave this morning for meetings in London when a lovely young lady called Kris was on Lorraine on ITV, she was telling her story of Breast Cancer and being diagnosed in 2009 at the age of just 23.

For those that know me will understand that this is something that has had an impact on some amazing people very close to both Mel and myself.

Kris is an amazing lady who didn't give up and is still fighting cancer, but beyond that she set up a charity called Coppafeel, an amazing breast cancer charity that teaches you how to check yourself and what to look out for as well as knowing #WhatNormalFeelsLife.

I have decided to spread the word and beg all of you to sign up to the site and set up a reminder.  The website will send you a text, email or even a boob-o-gram (I like the sound of this but think I would be disappointed ;o) to remind you once a month to check yourself.

If just one of you read this and sets up the reminder I will be happy!! 

There are even free stickers for in the shower or a car sticker for you to put up in your car to help remind others! 

If you want to know more about Kris and Coppafeel the website is here and below is a video of Kris story.